NESTLÉ DOCELLO Compound Chocolate Catering Packs

  • Sealed bags to increase freshness
  • Kibble & Button pieces great for melting
  • Bits are the perfect size for baking and decorating

The NESTLÉ Docello® Compound Chocolate range comprises of four compound varieties. They are specially tailored to deliver beautifully inspired desserts and cakes. Ideal for caterers as each box contains either 2 x 2.5kg or 3 x 2kg sealed bags.

The Compound Chocolate range has been specifically designed for professionals as a foundation for incredible creations that exceed expectations of quality, from the creation process to presentation, taste and the customer experience.


NESTLÉ DOCELLO is a celebration of indulgence and generosity, of elegance and refinement, all of these sentiments instrumental in devising dessert creations inspired by heaven itself. From traditional Panna Cotta and Créme Brûlée to intense chocolate fondants, NESTLÉ DOCELLO represents imagination and ambition, assisting you in the creation of culinary delights that your customers will find irresistible.