CHEF Reduced Stock

Made to your standards

CHEF Reduced Stock

CHEF has produced highquality products for kitchens across Europe for over 40 years by chefs for chefs. CHEF enables chefs to deliver consistency of covers, without compromising on taste, whilst adding their own creative touch to finish. The result: a range of products to help you create dishes that you are proud to serve.

  • Clean Label
  • Shelf Stable & Ready to Use
  • Scratch made
  • Consistent Quality

Behind every stand out dish is a premium quality stock. For many chefs, this means making it from scratch. But when unexpected demand arises or labour is lighter than you’d like, we’ve developed CHEF Reduced Stock, made to your standards.

CHEF premium stocks are 100% natural, clean label and scratch-made.

The result is ready-to-use stock that takes the pressure off when the heat is on, without compromising your standards or your bottom line.