Saturday, 25 July, 2020

Most Creative Entrée

Brendan Austin, 22, NSW Metro

“So far in my career I would have to say my most memorable culinary moment was at the opening of Jade Temple when Marco Pierre White came around the kitchen and shook everyone’s hand saying hello – it was a special moment.”


Most Entertaining Video


Marshall Lee, 24, Western Australia


“What does being a chef mean to me? Being able to cook tasty and nutritious meals for the ones I love.”


Best Presented Chef


Chloe Flavel, 22, Victoria


“My most memorable culinary experience would be from 2018. I was lucky enough to win the regional competition for World Skills Australia and was flown to Sydney to represent Victoria at the national championships.”


Best Presented Plate

Jessica Butcher, 24, Queensland Metro

“My ideal day is hard to describe as each day can be quite different. I work across a variety of sections at the college. I could be cooking and serving food to our staff and students, working in our 97th Street Kitchen food truck or producing platters and plated dishes.”



Most Creative Main

Brenna Lee, 21, New Zealand North Island

“I believe you find the best flavour straight from nature.”



Most Creative Dessert

Josh Nickl, 22, NSW Regional

“The best piece of advice that I’ve been given is that a chef doesn’t produce an amazing dish once, a true chef produces an amazing dish consistently, time and time again.”