Tuesday, 28 July, 2020

We’re really impressed by each and every chef for stepping up and having the courage to give it a go, presenting themselves and their food to a very high standard.


Golden Chefs Virtual Awards Ceremony 2020
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We’re really impressed by each and every chef for stepping up and having the courage to give it a go, presenting themselves and their food to a very high standard.

We promised to standby our young chef community and our judges have been truly impressed by the level of creativity demonstrated this year. It has been outstanding!

So, congratulations to the 2020 Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat Award Grand Finalists!

Meet our top ten Golden Chef’s here and check out their epic dish creations:



NSW Metro Grand Finalist

Jaadyn Byrne, 24

“What drew me to food was from a young age I would always watch cooking shows with my Mum and from there the passion just grew.”


NSW Regional Grand Finalist

Josh Nickl, 22

“The best piece of advice that I’ve been given is that a chef doesn’t produce an amazing dish once, a true chef produces an amazing dish consistently, time and time again.”


Northern Territory Grand Finalist


Taylah King, 22


“I love how food brings people together. It’s a conversation starter, memories are created, there’s laughter and it’s fun. I love cooking because it allows me to express my personality and creativity on a plate. Since becoming an apprentice chef, I have not only grown as a person, but I have gained more courage to put myself out there. It makes me realise I have so much potential in this career, many paths to take and it makes me so excited for the future.”



Queensland Metro Grand Finalist

Eve Sheraton, 21


“I love cooking because I love bringing joy to people’s lives. Growing up my family always celebrated special occasions by going out to eat at our favourite restaurants. I’m rewarded each day in the kitchen knowing that I’m adding something special to people’s lives.”



South Australia Grand Finalist


Sarah Jones, 20


“My most memorable culinary moment would have to be competing in the 2019 Trophée Mille. This international competition consisted of 12 other teams from all over the world. We spent just under a month in the champagne region of France. I gained so much skill and knowledge being there, and I’ll never forget the new friendships and contacts I made.”



Tasmania Grand Finalist


Sadhvi Chawla, 24


“For me, being a chef means bringing happiness to customers and I really feel that’s what being a chef should be all about.”



Victoria Grand Finalist

Wei(Davy) Dai, 24


“I love cooking because it’s one of the things I’m most confident with and when I’m cooking my mind is totally shutdown. It’s only about feelings, how the food is going to taste, what the plate is going to be, and I think it’s my life. It’s my chef life.”



Western Australia Grand Finalist


Maverick Cuthbert, 23


“My most memorable culinary experience so far would be winning a gold medal with the Australian Culinary Olympic Youth Team in Germany.”



New Zealand North Island Grand Finalist


Sam Heaven, 22


“What motivates me the most is the fact that I’m third generation hospitality, my grandfather and my father were both pastry chefs and I really wanted to follow in their footsteps but I wanted to make my own path and make my own journey at the same time. I really wanted to use the passion that they passed down to me because hospitality is really in my blood, but I want to find my own way in this industry so that’s why I picked cookery.”



New Zealand South Island Grand Finalist


Jamie Jackson, 23


“One of the best bits of advice I’ve ever been given is just to never stop learning. We work in an industry that’s constantly evolving, so sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Being open to always wanting to learn from anyone at any time goes a long way to being successful in this industry.”